Lova courses, summer 2018

Lova courses

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Five courses Lova 2019-20:

October 2019 (until the 15)
Call for centers, CRIF Las Acacias, course in twenty sessions 3h. (November 2019-May 2020) 

Summer 2020
Intensive course of CRIF Las Acacias at the Royal Theater (1-8 July 2020) – POSTPONED
CEFIRE Artistic-Expressive intensive course at the Palau de les Arts in Valencia September 2020
Intensive Course CPR Murcia – POSTPONED
CFR intensive course of Ferrol – POSTPONED

They are already 18 courses from 2009 and are hundreds of projects from the course. Evaluations unforgettable experiences and talk about key changes in your relationship with teaching. We can tell you one thing: you'll be exhausted and you will like 😉

TheLova courses They have a practical approach. We offer the same experience that you will propose to your class. Over sixty hours (forty in Valencia), forms a company and premieres to the public your own opera. Opera becomes a platform to transform your role in the classroom and invite your students / os overcome a challenge. They show what they can do when trust and create space for their abilities

Addressed to: Mentor / mentee is. We recommend you do with other training / a teacher who can receive support to develop the project in your school.

  • Preregistration for teachers in the Community of Madrid (pending calls for the respective ministries of education)
  • Preregistration for teachers of other CCAA (except Galicia, Murcia and Valencia) (pending calls for the respective ministries of education)
  • For teachers Galicia and Valencia (pending calls for the respective ministries of education)

Selection criteria: Lova lives and diffuses into the network of teachers who repent in the center of your professional activity. Thus, the true criterion is wanting to do the course, but different CCAA usually follow these criteria:

  1. You commit to attend the 100% sessions
  2. You confirm that we're going to implement the project during the course 2020-21 during school hours
  3. Accounts with the written support of your school address
  4. You do the course with another / a teacher and at least one of you / you is tutor / a class that will make the project
  5. You have not previously completed the course

Resources: You can access here the abundant course materials.

I could touch with my hands and model, cast in a hands, the emotion that is at the core of education, what really I matter to me since I decided to be a teacher.
This course has been a before and after in my personal criteria of how to design teaching and, also, this pedagogical push I needed to start realization that personal and professional project tackling the challenge of teaching.
Good organization. Clear objectives. Excellent group dynamics. concrete and applicable activities directly in the classroom. We were able to experience the same experiences that our students vivenciarán, so we can find strategies to address the probable difficulties that arise.
Video-summary of a brief introductory course taught Lova in the Community of Madrid (CRIF Las Acacias, January of 2016).

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