Committee Lova

Mary Ruth McGinn

permanent member

Mary Ruth is a primary school teacher in Maryland, USA. After training in the program Creating Original Opera (COO) New York Metropolitan and apply it in their classroom for several years with his partner Ellen Levine, He came to the Royal Theater with a Fulbright scholarship 2006. The following year he was awarded a scholarship by the SaludArte Foundation to continue its work, which consisted in spreading among teachers own teaching methodology from their experience in the classroom COO, which has resulted in Lova.

Miguel Gil

permanent member

Miguel is elementary teacher. It was one of the first teachers in the classroom applied Lova. In addition to making the project without interruption since the course 2007-08, He has retired and has continued taking it to different contexts such as IEPC Jaime Vera, Madrid Penitentiary Center II. IES José Saramago of Majadahonda or group of teachers inLÓVAdores. further, Miguel makes numerous visits to centers, lectures or courses in different parts of Spain.

Pedro Sarmiento

permanent member

Pedro is jazz pianist and manager of educational projects. He directed the Municipal School of Music in Talavera de la Reina, He has taught at Musikene and municipal music schools. He is interested in projects in which people prove to be able to do more than anyone expected of them. He was fortunate to be educational advisor of the Royal Theater 2006, where he proposed to bring Creating Original Opera (Lova program that draws) to Spain. Lova coordinates from 2008, year three opera companies were formed in three public schools in the Community of Madrid.

Benja Garzón García

Benja is master of music education in the CEIP Juan Esteve de Albal (Valencia) and he has been linked to theater and dance from his early years as a teacher. He met in the course Lova 2014-2015 and in his own words- "He was fascinated by the project". Since then, is done with two companies for ongoing uninterruptedly with students in 6th grade and families. At present, is former teacher in Valencia and track companies that perform the Lova project seminar format.

Olga Moreno

Olga is a teacher of CEIP Joaquín Costa, It is supporting the seventh company in his children's opera school and has enjoyed participating in two operas adult. Along with Natalia Sanz, Lova course imparts Murcia.

Vicente OEO

Vincent is Professor of Primary CEIP Jorge Guillen in Mostoles, enthusiastic participant in the Lova project since its inception in 2006. Along the initial group of teachers Lova, He was formed in Washington and stood one of the first three operas with 5th grade students during the course 2007-08.

Isabel Hernandez

Isabel School Teacher of San Sebastian in Pallaresos, Tarragona, degree in geography and history though artistic training without any form fervent admirer art . He met Lova Year 2010 and since then he has mounted two children operas with second and sixth primary. He claims that since he met the project changed their teaching and there have been a before and after. Despite failing to make opera more times, He has implemented many of their daily instruction Lova educational aspects that have become indispensable.

Ana Vázquez

Ana is music teacher at the ICC San Sadurniño (A Coruña). Since 2013, with some of his classmates, participates in the project Lova uninterruptedly, why “I am excited and I think it is an opportunity and a unique experience for students, teachers and the entire school community”.

Natalia Gonzalvo

Natalia is entitled in Musicology and Musical Pedagogy. Diploma in Education. It is a teacher by profession and vocation, for he has been saying it will be a music teacher from 3 years, as you have. He has worked at all levels of education, from children 3 añitos to adults. In 2002 He worked in Secondary, remaining 10 years in the center, where the Lova project first developed. At present, He develops its work in a primary school which applies the methodology in their classes Lova. It is considered a curious person, restless and constant, Lova able to reach six years after seeing Michael in a talk and say: "That's what I want to do". She loves to learn new things and listen to anyone who can teach.