Children's opera companies take the Teatro Real
to present Lova

Representatives of seventeen children's opera companies presented the 12 March 11:00 a 12:30 hours day Lova Real, a briefing organized by the CRIF Las Acacias at the Royal Theater. The day is aimed at management teams, education inspectors, AMPAs teachers and public schools in the Community of Madrid on Lova, with participatory activities organized by students.

If you want to know Lova and you could not attend the last meeting, FestiLÓVA ask us for beginning in mid-May. No opera festival the world has ever presented many world premieres (more than sixty) como FestiLÓVA, a chance to get close to any of the schools found in Lova a valuable educational tool.



LÓVA (Opera, a Vehicle for Learning) Is an education project that shows how powerful it is to trust in people's ability to overcome challenges that many thought were not possible.

Doing LOVA is proposing a class to become a company that creates its own opera. The company is organized by jobs. Children do it all: write the libretto, design the set, compose music, They make costumes, run the press campaign, fundraise, design and build sets, create the lights, etc. In the end, they premiere their opera without adult help. The goal is not to make an opera. The goal is to grow and build the future in an environment of trust, collaboration, effort and learning.

LÓVA (Opera, a Vehicle for Learning) working educational classroom goals: cognitive development, social and emotional development of children. Mainly applied by elementary school teachers, It has also been successfully adapted to other educational levels and contexts of social intervention. Since a small group of teachers began doing LOVA 2007, nine thousand people have created and premiered four hundred operas in fifteen regions of Spain (see more).


Lova choose the European Union as an educational reference project to develop cultural awareness and expression. See full publication of the Council of Europe (Cultural Awareness and Expression Handbook), in this link.

Lova has received the National Award of the Ministry of Education for non-profit organizations that foster school life.

An ambitious proposal

LOVA is an ambitious project, demanding and committed. Intensive training of sixty hours in eight days. It occupies ten months, It is integrated into various areas of the curriculum, requires from four to nine weekly sessions in school time and is performed in teaching teams that share their experience with the extensive network of teachers in Spain and other countries. If you are interested in knowing more about the intensive work that has made LOVA reach what it is today, You can read more here.

a metaphor

The aim of leading LOVA teachers to the classroom is to educate through challenges: create and perform an opera. Opera, is the benchmark for the integration of many disciplines, it also offers the metaphor of the journey that pupils and students will live together. The final piece and its performance is not the goal of the project, but a part of it. The show, the magic, They are in the classroom. The play, entirely created by students and pupils, usually it lasts half an hour and has some songs and musical moments interspersed theatrical action. During performances, infant company is solely responsible for the show and their teachers sit among the public.

In eleven years, the project has expanded to fifteen CCAA and has expanded its activities. Lova has created projects such as aprendanza, annual meeting of art and movement education. It has also created the program arteducar, collaboration with public administrations in the area of ​​teacher training, etc.

Kids Create Opera (Kennedy Center, USA)

In Lova we are very proud. Mary Ruth McGinn y Peter Hoyle, that have shaped and inspired from 2006 hundreds of teachers to Lova our courses in Madrid and Ferrol, They have given in 2018 in Washington the first course Kids Create Opera: A Vehicle for Learning. The course is part of the John F educational program. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. We wish them and the institutions that support the project at this stage the best. All information can be found at this link.

Lova in the CEIP Antonio Hernandez of Mostoles (Madrid)

Since its inception, Lova experienced steady growth thanks to teachers who are in Lova response to their pedagogical concerns. Lova gathers momentum every year in the summer course It offered in Madrid (Royal Theatre), Valencia and Castellon (Palace of Arts / Department of Education) and Ferrol (Jofre Theater / Government of Galicia). Lova has become a reference in the creation of social value from networking of hundreds of professionals involved / os in improving education.

Teachers expert @ s

Our education system, like many countries, It has highly qualified professionals teaching. It is they who have Lova become a valuable educational tool. The job, experience and professional commitment of / teachers make education possible based on respect, the effort, the risk, imagination and the pursuit of happiness.