aprendanza 20

How to keep meeting to keep dancing together? What spaces, what movements, what images can we create? If restriction and confinement have become words of our day to day that seem to limit us, that exert on our bodies a pressure that at times seems unbearable, other words plan in our conversations and open cracks and desires: Hugs, proximity, freedom, movement.

We launched learning20 from those cracks, from the conviction of possibility, looking at that school we really wanted to go back to, inspired by those who believe in education as a place of encounter and affection, who resists. We share difficulties and uncertainty and far from formulas or certainties, this year we want to invite you to meet for a little while to imagine together. Meeting that will be temporarily virtual, but in which we have imagined possibilities of meeting closely and having the opportunity to meet some people who, due to the geographical distance, we did not know were there.

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Mesa round: And now? How do we dance it?

That school that moves.

Friday 27 of November. De 18h a 19h30

on-line. Follow him live

In the last edition of aprendanza, various agents from the educational and artistic field from all over the peninsula got together at a work table to put together some questions about different practices that were being carried out in schools and other educational ecosystems.

Continuing this experience, with online education installed, with totally transformed school dynamics, we want to continue reflecting together on the value of artistic practices in education. In this conversation we meet to share real experiences. If we need something now, it is to be able to share possible.

Participating agents:

Eva morales – Plan Network Coordinator, Madrid node

Eva Morales works on the development of experiences and productions of collective knowledge for social transformation through art + education. She is a Doctor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. She understands all her work from the community, therefore she is co-founder of Pedagogías Invisibles where she develops mediation work, investigation, training, project design and implementation. His work of coordinating and mediating the Planea art and school network in the Madrid node stands out, of the residency program for creators in schools "Levadura", and educational programs on how to educate in gender equality: “I, you, the, she… Gender awareness in the educational space”, “Summerlab 2018. Feminist Pedagogies: My classes are not macho, But…”. He has worked and collaborated with cultural institutions such as Museo Thyssen Bornemisza, Biennial Manifesta8, Matadero Madrid and NC-Arte Bogotá, among other.

Eugenia Monroy – Secondary Teacher (Madrid)

Eugenia Monroy is a Secondary Language and Literature teacher in public education in Madrid. He works with active methodologies and is in constant training on teaching-learning processes. Use matter to promote autonomy, personal development and awareness of learning in their students. You are especially interested in Project-Based Learning and Service-Learning, that the school transcends the classroom. In 2019 won the Francisco Giner de los Ríos Award for the Improvement of Educational Quality, granted by the Ministry of Education.
Carles giner – In residence, Barcelona Institute of Culture
Carles Giner Camprubí (Barcelona, 1965) is a public cultural agent, especially linked to the creation of intersections between culture, education and social transformation. Between 1986 Y 2004 participated in the development of various artistic and cultural platforms: ‘Dial’ (free radio production company), 'Stories, stories' (collective linked to writing and visual arts), Traffic-Projects and Chronicle Cultural Projects, among other. The 2004 joined the Institute of Culture (Barcelona's town hall), where he coordinated the Strategic Plan for Culture and the implementation of the Council for Culture. Since 2009 directs ‘IN RESIDENCE. Creators in the institutes of Barcelona ’.
– Leire Guezala – Educational dance specialist (London)
Leire Guezala de Mier is a Specialist in Educational Creative Dance and has lived in London since the year 1997. During 6 years he was combining his studies, teaching contemporary dance courses and projects in prisons and juvenile correctional facilities with the Dance United company. In 2004 studied a Postgraduate in Community and Educational Dance at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance. Since then he has directed all his professional attention to creative dance in Primary Education.. All his work is closely related to the national English school curriculum, contributing to the inclusion of bodily learning in the curricular programs of the different subjects of the primary education cycle.


Friday 27 of November. 20h a 21h

on-line participativo

Can you dance on top of a blackboard? Can you dance in front of a screen? From Jane Fonda to Chico-Tópico, de Second Life a Fortnite, we have been since the years 70 doing it.

Come dance to the 2D world. Come alone, As a couple or in a large group and let yourself be carried away by your imagination. Lean on the bar, jump to the track, play or start looking for new experiences. We have turned the Miro board, an application that you will love, at a meeting point for virtual bodies looking for a real connection.

Open space

Saturday 28 of November. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m..

on-line with prior registration and limited places

This year Open Space will be online, what will allow you to bring or take other ways to find us. To participate you only need to connect: Bring an activity proposal to propose to the group of learners or join those launched by other people. When you want to realize, the group will have woven a program that will populate the morning. This time online!

Enjoy the magic of shared knowledge. A session full of strength and ideas. The open space is the dream factory aprendanza.

One of the great learning values ​​is bringing together people with very different experiences in disparate practices. Open Space is the place where that wealth shines, a time for the unexpected. It is the place to meet and share resources, proposals and interests.

You to Boston and me to California

Saturday 28 November 18 a 19h30


During the month of November we have made ghostly movies, we have built a box of basic tools to continue dancing and we have played with space until it has spoken to us. We have gathered people from here and there. Saturday afternoon is the time to share with the people of the hereafter still and open the processes. A short sample of these works will be broadcast openly for anyone interested with a final meeting with the public. Y

workshops / Laboratories

The architecture that dances

Archilectures – Silvana Andrés and Sonia Rayos

7, 14, 21 November from 11am to 12:30 pm

4h30 workshop divided into three sessions of 1h30

on-line with prior registration. 7€. Limited places.

Architecture is present since we are born and the way of living builds us. During these sessions of The architecture that dances, We will try to reflect on the tools for exploring space that this discipline offers us.

Archilectures is an educational project whose main objective is to bring architecture closer to childhood. Silvana Andrés and Sonia Rayos are part of this group that currently develops mediation work at the CCCC-Center of Contemporary Culture of Valencia

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Silvia Zayas

12, 19 Y 26 November from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m..

4h30 workshop divided into three sessions of 1h30

on-line with prior registration. 7€. Limited places.

Do you believe in ghosts? In this laboratory Silvia Zayas proposes us to make a small collective film, working in the dark with everyday light fixtures and simultaneously producing a home-made soundtrack for that film space.

Silvia Zayas. Work within the limits of the performing arts, cinema and expanded choreography. He is currently looking for hybrid forms between the filmic language and the scenic, generating different performative devices.

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IMG_20201020_124340 2

Dance dancing. Little-big dances

João Lima

23, 24 Y 25 November from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

4h30 workshop divided into three sessions of 1h30

on-line with prior registration. 7€. Limited places.

João Lima proposes a workshop in which he will offer various strategies to generate dance, offering resources that we can learn and share in our pedagogical practices.

João Lima . He is a choreographic artist and teacher. For almost twenty years, acts and teaches theater and dance in Latin America and Europe. He has participated in art-education programs with high school students such as In Residence organized by the Barcelona Institute of Culture and the Barcelona Education Consortium.

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Photo: Marc Guardiola. Vibrate time / TotDansa

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