of the 20 al 22 November 2015 CND and Matadero in Madrid

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The CND (National Dance Company) Y Matadero Madrid They have held the second edition of #aprendanza, meeting dance and education aimed at teachers and people interested in education. #aprendanza15 It is included among the CND educational activities carried out through the sponsorship of the Loewe Foundation.


Friday 20

18:30h. We receive you at the headquarters of the CND (National Dance Company)
19:00h. Test (Don Quixote) and workshops with dancers from the CND

Don Quixote 4You will see a trial of Don Quixote fragments, Ballet José Carlos Martínez in three acts currently working in the CND for release in December at the Teatro de la Zarzuela. further, You will participate in two workshops focused on generating motion using creative tools. We will guide members dancers from the National Dance Company through a series of simple activities. Auto-will design choreographic material by using their own physical abilities, creative and imaginary

21:00h ends activity

Saturday 21

Open space (16B Nave Matadero)
Friend, Make your proposals and discovers the two hundred people who assist to # aprendanza15. The open space allows the group to generate, participate and enjoy self-organized activities in one of the most inspiring cultural spaces Madrid. Open Space will be guided by Ana Torrijo, student of IES Juan de la Cierva last year made Lova and was production manager of the company Epidaurus.


Arganzuela, Give the wheel
Come in the neighborhood, in one of the bars of Matadero, or Madrid River, starting just behind where you are

of 16:00 a 20:30h
workshops (various areas of the CND and Matadero)
You will choose two of these seven workshops (to choose them, you will receive an email once you have confirmed your registration. Places are limited and are confirmed by order of petition online).

Koreographía (José Carlos Martínez)
Meeting space with our own body where from our ideas and possibilities develop a genuine choreographic language that enhances the knowledge of ourselves.

photo Elna Matamoroshidden dance (Elna Matamoros)
Discover how dance has been present throughout history, its aesthetic changes and ruptures; beyond anthropology and folklore, dance a gap between the desks are made largely of subjects. Structure your project and develop the work plan with educational tools that best suit your environment.

Instructions to forget-se (Aitana Cordero)
The goal is not to stop two hours of taking decisions, using the body and asking questions and “share-be”. A place to erase the memory, trying to forget or trying not to remember how a body is perceived, how should behave, how he has learned to move, to physically organize and to relate to other bodies. (+info)

Raquel SanchezAcoustic Movement (Raquel Sanchez)
How does it sound a given clap with one hand? You can percutir air? A curved path is heard as a straight? … This workshop will address natural rhythm of the body connecting basic musical concepts with our daily gestures. (+info)

Ceci y ElenaRecipe choreographic (Elena Lopez Nieto and Cecilia Losada)
Have you ever noticed the great choreography that is the schoolyard during recess? A space, many people moving, Color papers, music … from playing our bodies find ingredients and toppings to make instant creations movement and so, achieve our own choreographic recipes. (+info)

AAA…ZRhythms and strokes (Miguel Olmo and Tania Arias)
This workshop integrates elements of visual arts and dance that allow the educational experience is creative through exploration and observation of the body and outside. (+info)

thDance makers (Monica Milocco) (workshop taught in English)
We will create movement from various topics, with tools to inspire and invite l @ s children s to create their own choreographies. So they can know your body, movement and expression using space in many ways. (+info)

of 22:00 a 23:30 you can go to rest or… choose one of these two tidbits:
MAD for Swing (Nave 16B, open to anyone who wants to participate)
Swing night with the association that spreads enthusiastically dancing as citizen meeting point (16B on the ship)

Five days to dance (Set of Matadero, Free entry until complete seats)

Documentary educational project leading to secondary schools dancers and choreographers Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt. DocsBarcelona

Centers that Five Days to Dance in 2015 Y 2016:
Colegio Jesus Maria Fuensanta, Valencia; Liceo Santo Tomás, Saint Sebastian; Institute Pius font i Want, Manresa; Oritxe ikastola, Saint Sebastian; Lauaizeta ikastola, Saint Sebastian; Colegio San Antoniano, Zarautz, Guipuzcoa; IES Vicent Andrés Estellés, Burjassot; IES Cayetano Sempere, Elche, Alicante; IES Alpujarra, órgiva (Granada); Institut Pere Borrell, Puigcerdá, Gerona; Juan Comenius S.Coop.V. Valencia.

Sunday 22 (CND spaces and Matadero)

of 10:00 a 11:15
Wake-up call (Agnès López Rio) 16B Nave Matadero
Prepare your body and your mind. Draw in space greeting a new day

Of 11:30 a 14:30

Angel less weightPlaytime (angel Perabá) 16B Nave Matadero
A great game of table without table, where the board has the size of a slaughterhouse, where the tour will set the questions that people are responding chips, the data, the goads, the ladies, the amarracos, or bishops, o sotas… which they are colors, players who are. (+info)

The team of volunteers / volunteer # aprendanza15 is formed youth theater program of the Tomillo Foundation in Orcasur.

(Program subject to change)

Map to come to #aprendanza


#aprendanza is now complete! Places are limited and have been awarded in order of arrival.

Your enrollment in # aprendanza15 is yours and yours alone and not the can move to another / or.

See you at # aprendanza15!

Images #aprendanza 2014, Domingo Fernández

APRENDANZA '14 from CND on Vimeo.