of the 21 al 23 October 2016 CND and Matadero in Madrid

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The CND (National Dance Company) and Matadero Madrid present # aprendanza16, third edition of the dance and education meeting aimed at teachers and people interested in education.

#aprendanza16 is included among the pedagogical actions that the CND carries out thanks to the sponsorship of the Loewe Foundation.


Friday 21


We receive you at the headquarters of the National Dance Company (CND)

19:00h. two CND trials and workshop "Imagination and movement" with Agnès López Río

You will see two essays by the CND and participate in a workshop focused on the use of movement with creative tools with dancers from the National Dance Company. You will go through three different activities / spaces divided into three blocks of 40 minutes (of 19 a 19:40h, of 19:40 a 20:20h and from 20:20 a 21h)

21:00h ends activity

Saturday 22 (CND spaces and Matadero)

Open space (with Ana Torrijo as mediator, in Warehouse 16B of Matadero)

The great idea souk, proposals and concerns. Friend, make your proposals and discover those of all the people who attend # aprendanza16. The open space celebrates the ability of a diverse group to generate their own momentum and enjoy self-managed activities in an emblematic cultural space: CND rehearsal rooms, Nave 16 Slaughterhouse and spaces of the Naves del Español.

Recharge the batteries
Come in the neighborhood, in one of the bars of Matadero, or Madrid River.

of 16:00 a 20:30h
workshops (in spaces of the CND and Matadero)
Choose two of the seven workshops that we have prepared for you. They all last 2h.

  • Choreographic workshop (this workshop has two modules of 1h)
    In this workshop we will explore the generation of movement, through the development of imagination. As well as the possibility of expanding it to a job that can promote group dynamics.
    Module 1: Antonio de Rosa / Mattia Russo, CND dancers
    Module 2: José Carlos Martínez, artistic director of the CND
  • Dance for sensations / Dance in elementary school (this workshop has two modules of 1h)
    Module 1: Dance for sensations (Elisabet Biosca, dancer of the CND)
    In dance, the value of the movement not only lies in the correct execution but in the ability to express emotions. Usually the language used is based on the beauty of symmetry. But nevertheless, in this workshop we will try to feel new emotions through the feeling of disproportion.
    Module 2: Dance in the elementary curriculum (Anael Martin, CND repeater teacher)
    The children's world lives in movement, full of imagination and fantasy. Dance is inevitably the best ally of the child.
  • This is not a selfie! (a project of Social Territory, powered by Step a 2)
    Workshop given by students of IES Lope de Vega in Madrid
    After your participation in the project, now it is the students who guide you on a walk through scenic artistic creation, in which the image, identity and body invite us to reflect on, “What do i want to show?” (video)
  • You can't not make a decision (Aimar Pérez Galí)
    In this workshop we will use basic movement guidelines, how to walk, run, lie on the floor or stand to generate a dynamic game in which we can practice, project and analyze group behavior patterns, generating an awareness of the decisions we are making and how they make up the collective. A tool to energize a group and learn to relate on a kinesthetic level.
    The workshop will consist of two parts, a more active and dynamic one in which each person will manage their level of participation; and another in which I will propose a guideline to think about the choreography from the community, in a co-responsible way. During the workshop, dialogue will be encouraged to reflect on the uses of the proposed tools and their potential application in educational contexts.
  • Synectic (collective Lisarco)
    Lisarco is in the process of creation and wants to share with you its search for the meaning of synectics, a creative process that proposes us to start from the known to discover the strange, that delves into the fantastic and the symbolic and that, applied to dance, opens an unexpected look at the reality of relationships and classroom dynamics.
  • Activate the sparks (Xirou Xiao)
    The body is a way of discovering oneself and a fundamental means to exercise awareness and the sensitivity of being and being. Through performative exercises we play and establish relationships with the word. This workshop is the continuation of the artistic residency that Xirou has done this summer at the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga
  • Impro-lecture (First Take)
    Disinhibition, trust and diversity through vocal and body techniques from the hand of one of the co-founders of the school for child actors Primera Toma. You will do exercises to promote communication in public and you will practice theatrical improvisation techniques to apply in learning (workshop given by Alicia Álvarez).

jose-carlos alicia-alvarezantonio-de-rosaestonoesunselfie3lisarco5mattia anaelxirou aimarelisabet

Sunday 23 (CND spaces and Matadero)

of 10:00 a 14:30

In and out (Cuqui Jerez)

Cuqui Jerez has created for # aprendanza16 a choreographic score to be performed by 100 people through instructions given by headphones. The piece will be played twice. The first time, half of the group of participants will be the performers of the piece and the other half will be the audience.; and the second time the roles will be exchanged. Cuqui Jerez proposes us with this practice to approach the choreography from both doing and looking. We will experience these two states of attention and observe how the perception of space and time changes in each of these roles.. The session will end with a talk to share the experience and to reflect on the inside and the outside, the performer and the spectator.

Each participant must carry a mobile phone with WhatsApp and headphones.

The team of # aprendanza16 volunteers is made up of young people from the theater group Teatreros by Moratalaz.

(Program subject to change)

Our thanks to National Ballet of Spain for the assignment of spaces.

Enrollment in # aprendanza16 is closed. Thank you very much for your interest!

photo: Sara Navarro / Matadero Madrid
video: Julio Cesar Gonzalez