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If you want to study Lova from academia, conduct surveys or other similar activity, we recommend you read below our policy of communication with teachers.


Communication policy with teachers

Long interest in Lova has expanded and we love that is increasingly interested in developing their research work in connection with education in general and in particular Lova. It has also led us to a dilemma: sometimes spend time on your research takes time away from development in the classroom Lova.

If you are studying Lova planteándote, We love to know and find this web abundant resources, including similar research work that you are doing. further, if you wish, when finished you will love we share from our website the results of your research. What we can not do is get in touch with teachers. They are professionals who are due to its students and our goal has always been to support them in that work.

give interviews, complete questionnaires, receive in the classroom and other regular activities in researching a thesis, TFM, TFG or the like are activities that take up precious time in the intense work involved to teach and make Lova. Sure there are people who will want to help you in your study or research. Because, the way we provide contact with them is to publish in our table operas the data (name and location) centers. With that information you can contact the management team of the centers and, through this, reach people who perform in that center Lova.


We were able to develop the image of Lova with the help of:

Gonzalo Torné: painter whose digital pictures alternate with our collection of photos
Joan Roca, Javier del Real, Paco Gallo, Miguel Gil Vicente and Galaso, authors of the photographs illustrating this web