Lova figures

The first group of teachers made in the course Lova 2007-08 (Mercedes, Beatriz, Maria Jose, Vicente, Tamara and Miguel) three companies resulted in three public schools in the Community of Madrid. Today are 400 in 15 CCAA. Of 70 students / os Lova has passed over 9000. The number of viewers of that year, 1350, It is today 150.000. In these years they have gone through our intensive courses 500 professionals and our very diverse formation activities more of 2000. Let's delve into these figures.

Since 2007, They have made Lova 9.240 people:

  • 1.400 at course 2016-17
  • 1.540 in the course 2017-18

Has been created 330 companies and it has premiered the same number of operas. These 330 operas have resulted 990 functions to which they have attended 148.500 viewers.

Behind these figures there are about 500 people formeds in our courses, the majority teachers:

  • 8 people formed in Washington
  • 231 people formed in 10 courses of Madrid at Royal Theatre
  • 140 people formed in 4 courses in Valencia, 3 at Palace of Arts Y 1 in Castellón
  • 52 people formed in 2 courses in Ferrol
  • 37 people formed in 3 editions of the inLÓVA project and more professionals who have known Lova and have implemented with the aid or in collaboration with colleagues / os who had themselves made training

Lova has been done in Germany, Mexico, U.S, 15 CCAA a total of 120 schools. The communities with the highest number of operas are Madrid, Valencia and Galicia:

  • 171 operas in the Madrid's community
  • 46 operas in the Valencian Community
  • 22 operas in Galicia
*For our figures, We follow a calculation in which the central unit is the opera company. Although exact figures are not, we believe that every company has an average of 28 students / os, we estimate that is staffed by at least two teachers and premiered his opera in three functions 450 viewers (an average of 150 spectators per show). The teaching commitment is six weekly sessions, which adds an average of 216 sessions per company dedicated to Lova during school hours over a full course (36 weeks).