A Proyect of:

enCanto propone a alumnado de primaria crear y compartir sus propias canciones con niñas y niños del mundo. In their songs they talk about what they learn, of what they do, what they feel, what they long for.

charm es un proyecto para integrar desde la tutoría, not from the music room. You do not need to know music to do in singing. You need to want music to be a support for learning. If you want to get closer to the invention of songs, you can do it with your class. And if you are afraid to create music, there you have a good reason why the same thing doesn't happen to your class!

The enCanto class actively participates in a complete course process. The class creates and shares songs with other classes around topics they are working on or situations they are experiencing: from curricular aspects to recent events that influence the classroom climate.

If you think that creating songs is something complex that is not within the reach of anyone, remember that the human being invents songs since he is in the crib. What Canto proposes is not to give you something new, but give you back something that is yours and they took away.

En la primera fase piloto queremos invitar a participar a un número reducido de centros para centrar nuestras propuestas en un contexto escolar definido (elementary tutoring) and learn from experience throughout a full course.

The profile that we seek primarily for the pilot phase includes (1) that the project be done in primary, (2) that is done at the initiative of a tutor or tutor, (3) covering the school year and (4) that caters to groups at risk of social exclusion.

This phase begins in the course 21/22, If you want to embark on this challenge, send us an email to and we tell you more.

enCanto is a project of the SM Foundation and the Royal Theater

Si eres un centro participante en enCanto: