Frequent questions

We need to know the project (that is to say, I formed) before taking a classroom in which you are tutor / guardian or teacher who supports a tutor or guardian. Four departments of education offer Lova course at the Teatro Real in Madrid, Palu Arts in Valencia, Jofre de Ferrol in the Theater and the Auditorio de Murcia Guadalupe), or doing the project in your school with teachers who have made one of the previous formations.

Lova is not a project that comes from outside the school. It comes directly from you as a teacher. Interest comes from teachers who repent in your way of teaching. Teachers are the engine of the project from 2006, because you decide to teach through a project like this. If that's the case and you have a group that apply, Lova offers training, support activities (meetings, meetings, online chats, resources) and a network of nearly seven hundred people intercommunicating, with experience in project implementation. further, Lova has been greatly enriched by people who have been Lova at different levels and educational backgrounds, making adjustments to the project for early childhood education, special, high school, high school, Day care centers, prisons, etc. Your work is what makes there Lova.

If you are in a AMPA or a management team, we strongly recommend not push anyone to do Lova, because in the buenos results. And certainly we do not recommend Lova to advertise your school. Competition for students has increased in recent years and is leading some schools to use for advertising purposes educational initiatives aimed should have nothing to do with marketing

No. You can perfectly adapt the musical complexity of opera your musical abilities and your kind. No need to have students / os gifted with a parallel or specialized training. Like the case in disciplines such as scenery, theatrical performance, carpentry, illumination, promotion, dramaturgy, etc. Remember that, also, who help them should not compose musically, but guide them in the creation and public performance of his own music, something that, by the way, It should be common in the specialized music lessons.

Certain educational tradition has a special interest in reminding the children what they are not able to do instead of all they are able to do. In Lova they'll remember you are able to do everything you intend if you put effort and enthusiasm. We are happy to call musical, zarzuela, performance, vaudeville, cabaret, rock opera or any other name to what they do, but in no case to say that opera is too difficult for them.

The project belongs entirely to teachers and institutions provide support to a clear example of educational commitment. Money and means .de institutions are for teacher training activities, organizing meetings, subprojects, coordination and operating costs. Visit our Transparency tab for more information. The Ministries of Education four CCAA (Valencian Community, Galicia, Murcia and Madrid) They have been added offering training Lova

The course is usually done in early July and the call usually published three months before. If you give us your details here, you will receive the information as soon as it is published.

The course is aimed at teachers who have decided to carry out the project and supported its management team. There are slight variations in the calls according to the Autonomous Community to post it, but is valued take the course next to another / a teacher at the center. Apart from these criteria, Some CCAA apply one date / time of receipt of the application.

In this table you can see the list of centers with ages / levels and some basic data of companies.

Lova comes from Creating Original Opera, an educational project created by Bruce Taylor almost fifty years ago at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. England has been done by the name of Write an Opera and are also similar examples in other countries. Mary Ruth McGinn, primary school teacher COO formed in the project that led to her classroom, expanded its school dimension, He brought him to Spain in the course 2006-07 Y, since then, continues to inspire new teachers.

We are a non-profit association. Lova coordinator is Pedro Sarmiento. The association has a coordinating committee that can find more information on this link.

Write or call here Pedro Sarmiento, Lova coordinator. We love to serve you.

Yes. Lova is the result of committed work of individuals and entities over years. Lova is registered as a trademark in order to ensure respect for the project at least three aspects:
1. The quality of the project
2. The generosity of professionals who share their experience selflessly
3. Avoid improper use of the mark (commercial, etc)