Lova history

Lova has its origin in an educational project Bruce Taylor and JoAnn Forman created for the Seattle Opera in the years 70 and that in the 80 expanded the Metropolitan Opera Guild of New York. You can find a detailed story on the thesis Sharon Joy, Original Student Opera: History, Theory and Practice of a Multi-Disciplinary Arts Education Program (University of Houston).

Lova joins the thousands of building projects in classrooms operas created more than twenty countries and for more than three decades from programs like Creating Original Opera (Metropolitan Opera Guild), Write an Opera (Royal Opera House), Opera by Children (Utah Opera), Create and Produce (Opera America), etc.

Creating Original Opera He came to Spain in 2006 Hand Mary Ruth McGinn, elementary school teacher in public school US. Fulbright scholarship and later by SaludArte, Mary Ruth formed and led from the Royal Theater to a group of teachers, including those responsible for three operas created by students in three public schools in the Community of Madrid (Our. Lady of Victory, Enrique Tierno Galvan and El Quijote). Given the success of the initiative, in 2008 Lova as creating joint educational project between SaludArte and formalized Teatro Real, coordinated by Pedro Sarmiento. Later, They have added new cultural institutions.

Lova extends thanks to teachers who make it their teaching and are an example of professionalism and pedagogical commitment. Nowadays, eleven thousand pupils / students have created and released fifteen hundred operas in CCAA (see more).