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Access to the table here with more than five hundred companies from 2007 until today. Lova is a project that works in the classroom, but it has a global impact, both its conception of learning as expansion and geographic distribution.

The first group of teachers made in the course Lova 2007-2018 (Mercedes, Beatriz, Maria Jose, Vicente, Tamara and Miguel) three companies resulted in three public schools in the Community of Madrid. Today are more of 500 in 15 CCAA. Of 70 students / os, Lova has spent more than 11.000. The number of viewers of that year, 1350, It is today 185.000. During these years have gone through our intensive courses 500 professionals and our very diverse training activities over 2500. Our training began in Madrid in 2009 and it has spread to Valencia, Galicia and Murcia.

Lova is always done during school hours, It is part of the schedule different areas and occupies an entire school year, sometimes it extends two. Although primarily it implemented in public primary schools, its methodology has been adapted to different educational levels, childish, THAT, special education, high school, and various social environments and cultural associations, Day care centers, jail, etcl.

That case Lova in jail, That was born in 2012, when Miguel Gil and a group of volunteers led Lova s ​​therapeutic module Madrid III prison in Valdemoro. In 2019 the eighth opera of this project was released.

In the course 2020-2021 are doing LOVA more than 80 companies. In this link, You can access theLova project list, a document that we update in real time, including names of companies, issues, centers which are, Dates releases, etc., since 2007 to the present

If you prefer, you can meet Lova hand of its protagonists through their blogs.

Blog Nillav company formed by the cloister of C.P. Wallen in Castrillón, Asturias.

Blog the Company Solfamides formed by the alumnado of 4.º ESO IES mathematician Vicent Costa Boxes Gata de Gorgos, Alicante.

Blog All Different States of compañía formed by 6.º alumnado of Primary CEIP Juan Esteban in Albal, Valencia.

Blog the MUSIESLÓVA company formed by students of 6th of Primary CEIP Juan Esteve in Albal, Valencia.

Blog Diamond company formed by students of 4th ESO CEIP Multilingualism Covas in Ready Nursery, Lugo.

Blog Altamar company formed by students in grades 5 primary of CEIP Eladia Mariño in Cabanas, A Coruña.

Blog Company Star 5th Primary Colors of Eduardo Pondal College in Cangas, Pontevedra.

Blog Small company of operators formed by students of 4th of Primary CPR Calasanz – PP Escolapios in A Coruña.

Blog The company's key target formed by students of 6th of Primary CEIP Prince Felipe in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid.

Blog The company wishes lake formed by students of the Primary 3.º CEIP Valdebernardo in Madrid.

We also have this Map they appear all companies from 2007 to the present.