horses +

horses + (LÓVA more) is the new way that LÓVA has to support you with resources and to help you be part of a strong network with teachers in the new stage that opens with the start of the course in September 2020. It is the teachers who have inspired this initiative with their professional experience and inexhaustible drive.

Initially aimed at teachers already trained in the project, It can also be considered a source of resources for other professionals who do not do LÓVA, but they want to integrate specific aspects of the project into their practice.

Photo: Perplexed Study

LÓVA + is to create community, share resources, is peer training, it is innovation of artistic processes in the educational field.

LÓVA + is adaptation, is to face difficulties, is looking to the future with optimism and resilience.

LÓVA + is to respond to some of the educational challenges of the school in times of pandemic, is being able to continue offering your students quality education through the arts.

In LÓVA + we will connect groups diverse of teachers that are distributed by all the Autonomous Communities, we will offer new resources for distance and physical distance education, sessions with professionals and a virtual space to share and discuss the challenges of continuing LÓVA in the current circumstances.

In addition to other proposals, a monthly online meeting with different specialists.

Coordination and pedagogical mediation LÓVA + – Llúcia Garrido and Benja

Waiter. LÓVA trainers and teachers

Strategy and digital environment: Maria Brea


Session 5. 20/01/2021


Session 6. 17/02/2020


Session 7. 10/03/2020


Session 8. 21/04/2020

Final touches and doubts

Session 9. 19/05/2020