dynamic – Session 2 horses +

dynamic - Session 2 horses +

On Wednesday 14 October, the lovera family came together again around the virtual table to share experiences and hug each other in the distance.

This second session of LÓVA + is divided into two acts. Here is the video of the session: 

First act

The curtain rose and Marta Arévalo and Ana Gándara invited us to #put morebody. Ua proposal to share, investigate and play the boundaries between 2D and talking busts, to imagine different ways of connecting with other people. A stage to explore what happens (and it can happen) between our screen and other people's. We collectively build a “mosaic” of movement where we can look at the educational reality from other places based on bodily proposals.

Marta Arevalo is a doctorate in Education Sciences. He teaches and researches in areas of body expression, dance and technology at the University of Alcalá (Madrid). Their permanent training is based on the interaction with teachers of different educational stages and the connection with non-academic artistic manifestations that work from the body in movement.

Ana H. Gandara is a doctoral student in Education. She has worked as an educator in different institutions related to the cultural and community field. Now linked to the area of ​​education for social transformation in Doctors of the World.

Curious and restless. Ana Y Martha continue to explore the boundaries between body and education. Always looking for new forms of expression.

Their dynamics were intertwined with those proposed by lovers and loveras.

We kissed, we try to pace the breaths, we made visible parts of the body normally invisible to the camera, we repeat and distribute gestures… and we capture our emotions and desires on a collaborative blackboard baptized as the Fernando slate since it gave continuity to the proposal of this lovero.

Fernando's slate

Here we leave you the document that includes the proposal # putmáscuerpo complete.

Second act

In the second act, the lovera family sets out in search of a final product for their creation process led by Llucia Garrido and Benja Garzón.

We started by revisiting the collaborative dashboard that we had been developing over the last few weeks: We reinvent opera.

Then we start to investigate collaboratively, the pros and cons of the different final products that had emerged in that first brainstorming and we looked for solutions to the problems detected.

Finally, we remember the different communication tools that we have to feel accompanied throughout this adventure..

If you want to go over the key points of this second part of the session more slowly, here you have the presentation.