Podcast yourself! – Session 3 horses +

Podcast yourself! - Session 3 horses +

On Wednesday 11 November we meet again in the cloud. If the second session of LÓVA + had two acts, the third has three and an appetizer. Here is the video of the session:

First act. Podcast yourself!

The LÓVA + function is written by the lovera community. In the second session, the sound artifacts were outlined as a possible end product of our companies in this time of COVID, so our pedagogical advisory team formed by Benja Garzón and Llucia Garrido got down to work to offer the community the tools and training necessary to undertake this challenge. We leave you here the presentation used during the session. We encourage you to explore it carefully since it is full of links that will be very useful. Also a practice infographic that will teach you to record your voice with your mobile phone.

Entremés. The challenge of colors

A dynamic to coordinate as a group and function in unison. To carry it out, we asked you to bring to the session three pieces of cardboard paper of these three colors: yellow, blue and red.

Second act. The forest of LÓVA.

We plant our forest in This is our collaborative Miró board. It is an idea by Miguel Gil that consists of hanging the fruits of his work from the tree of your company. What hangs can be texts, images, audios, Drive documents, links to videos, webs, etc. Throughout the course we will water our trees with love and we will hang testimonies of our process on them.

Third act. How you doing?

In this third act, the participants had the opportunity to share how the process is being in this complex year.

We are waiting for you at the next show!