Street opera – Session 8 horses +


On Wednesday 21 March we had the eighth session LÓVA +. A very special session in which we were able to offer our condolences in a virtual hug and at the same time celebrate Pedro's immense legacy and make him grow rowing for LÓVA.

Here is the video of the session:



In the previous session, the challenge was launched for the companies to work on the theater of objects or puppets and record a small performance for us.. The reception has been magnificent and we have received more than a dozen proposals. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

We take the opportunity to view them in community and comment on them together with Guillermo Gil as well as to highlight the virtues of this type of theater to work on the relationships of our operatic characters or promote the expressive skills of children with special educational needs.

Street opera

Due to the current health situation, not a few companies have considered performing their operas in the open air, However, street theater always offers us many creative opportunities and social transformation and to discover them we invite Lluís Petit.

Lluís Petit He is an actor and producer. Their creative motivations are to break conventions, mix scenic languages, cook over low heat and do it in unusual places. At the production level, he is a big fan of the search and find process and that the plans go well. He is a member of the Company Kamchàtka and of Animal Theater. Collaborate on an artistic and production level with Money for free. He has collaborated in production at festivals such as Scene Poblenou, Primavera Sound and DocsBarcelona among others.

With this text he introduced his workshop:

A theater where there is no theater. Where the theater was born we meet again. Street theater vindicates culture in our public places. And it represents a challenge for those brave people capable of transforming a space and causing an event in the place.. Your opera in public space? why not? Let's imagine it and put it on the table.

If you have been wanting to know better the artistic proposals that he has selected for the lovera family, browse the links of your presentation.

A small tribute to a great art educator and a better person

And we closed the session with a few words from Pedro that moved us, they comforted and made me want to continue.