RadioLÓVA at home

Do you want to participate with your company on LÓVA radio? – CONVOCATORIA CERRADA

Following the idea of ​​Benja Garzón, we are going to start a second podcast / radio program that tells us what is happening with your companies during these days of confinement. Así seguiremos en conexión y podremos compartir qué es lo que estamos haciendo desde nuestras casas.

Si queréis participar necesitamos que nos envíes audios de tus alumnos/as antes del 20 of May. En estos audios cada persona puede:

  • Make a small company presentation, what center are they from, from what course, what is the title and thesis of your opera and your profession
  • Something they like about LÓVA
  • One thing they did related to LÓVA during confinement
  • If you want to thank someone or greet your colleagues
  • Anything else you want to contribute

It is important to take into account some simple technical advice that you can copy and send to your students.:

  • You can talk between 1 Y 3 minutes. Not much more…
  • You must find a quiet place, closed and no echo.
  • Record your voice with any mobile app that allows it
  • Speak clearly, quietly, vocalizing and with a normal intensity. Listen to the audio and if everything is ok send it to me (here each teacher is using different platforms, so choose what is easiest for you)

Es importante que nos hagas llegar material que desde LÓVA podamos difundir en redes, that is to say, con las autorizaciones pertinentes. Cuando tengas los audios envíalos (antes del 20 of May) a o más fácil aún por whatsapp al número de contacto de la web indicando tu nombre y el centro desde el que nos escribes. ¡Estaremos encantados de recibir tus audios!

Then we will collect and edit, so, maybe everything you have told us won't come out, pero daremos voz a todas las compañías que nos enviéis algo. Cuando esté terminado lo subiremos a SoundCloud y os haremos llegar el enlace.

¡Un millón de gracias por tu colaboración!