How does Lova?

Lova project belongs to the teachers who decide to form and carry it out in your classroom.

The management team, the coordination committee and the LÓVA advisory council work to provide training from their respective responsibilities, resources and support to the teaching community that brings the project to the classroom.

The management team is responsible for the management of all the activities necessary for the advancement of the project: from this website to any of the various training activities that have defined LÓVA since its inception.

The coordinating committee is a support group for the management of LÓVA from the pedagogical point of view and is made up of people who have been trained in LÓVA and who have extensive experience in the development of the project, in teacher training or both at the same time.

The Advisory Board is an advisory body whose main function is to provide support to the LÓVA management team. Its members are chosen from among people who from very different profiles have supported LÓVA and shown an explicit interest in its expansion. the advisory council took its first steps in 2021 and its members are:

Juan Mayorga (President), Andrea Giráldez, Star Lopez Aguilar, Pepa Hernandez, Carlos Almela, Miguel Gil and Laura Bañuelos

LÓVA pursues goals of general interest and since its inception offers a innovative model of interagency collaboration. that allows connecting entities or areas that do not collaborate as much as would be desirable around a common goal such as improving education. For example, large artistic creation centers with educational administrations; teaching professionals with performing arts professionals, etc.

Check activity memory of the years 2019/2020


Financial contributions received from the institutions are administered through LÓVA, a non profit organization created in 2010 for this purpose. The Lova accounts are public and are presented annually.

The aims of the project are as follows. If you wish, you can consult the Articles of Association Lova here

1 – teacher training
2 – Collaboration between professionals from the arts and the field of education
3 – Supporting innovative educational projects related to the arts
4 – The defense of educational models centered on student

LÓVA is financed through public subsidies in public competition for specific projects, the support of foundations, contributions and donations from friends of LÓVA and other anonymous citizens and own funds from the organization and design of activities. Funds from the license plates of training courses Lova do not cover the total cost of the course but allow us to cover part of the costs of commuting and the respective services as trainers of the two people who teach the course. The organization does not have money for materials or personal finance in schools, except in very specific cases.

Lova also has an institutional support network formed, among other, by Royal Theater, Matadero Madrid, Palace of Arts, The Canal Dance Center and the Education Departments of four Autonomous Communities: Valencian Community, Murcia, Galicia and Madrid