How does Lova?

Lova project belongs to the teachers who decide to form and carry it out in your classroom. The team Y the coordination committee Lova They are organized and work to provide training, resources, and all the necessary support to the teaching community that plays the project.

Lova pursues objectives of general interest and, as such, It puts all available means and staff to help achieve. offers innovative model of interagency collaboration. Various institutions decide to support the project as a clear example of educational commitment. Money and means receiving institutions are primarily intended for the extension of the project to reach LA Anarchist teachers, alumnxs and centers involved.


Financial contributions received from the institutions are administered through LÓVA, a non profit organization created in 2010 for this purpose. The Lova accounts are public and are presented annually. Lova is coordinated by Pedro Sarmiento and the coordinating committee is made up of teachers linked to the project since its inception.

The aims of the project are as follows. If you wish, you can consult the Articles of Association Lova here

1 – teacher training
2 – Collaboration between professionals from the arts and the field of education
3 – Supporting innovative educational projects related to the arts
4 – The defense of educational models centered on student

Funds from the license plates of training courses Lova do not cover the total cost of the course but allow us to cover part of the costs of commuting and the respective services as trainers of the two people who teach the course. The organization does not have money for materials or personal finance in schools, except in very specific cases.

Lova also has an institutional support network formed, among other, by Royal Theater, Matadero Madrid, Palace of Arts, Canal Dance Center and the Departments of Education three-CCAA: Valencian Community, Galicia and Madrid.

If you want to know the economic structure of Lova through the income statement for the years 2016 Y 2017 you can consult here