People Lova

We have an innovative model of management and participation. The project will develop teaching in schools. The association offers training Lova, accompaniment, diffusion, resources and activities. As an association we have a professional team and a Coordination Committee.

Mary Ruth McGinn


Mary Ruth is a primary school teacher in Maryland, USA. After training in the program Creating Original Opera (COO) New York Metropolitan and apply it in their classroom for several years with his partner Ellen Levine, He came to the Royal Theater with a Fulbright scholarship 2006. The following year he was awarded a scholarship by the SaludArte Foundation to continue its work, which consisted in spreading among teachers own teaching methodology from their experience in the classroom COO, which has resulted in Lova.

Miguel Gil

Lovas breeding

Miguel is elementary teacher. It was one of the first teachers in the classroom applied Lova. In addition to making the project without interruption since the course 2007-08, He has retired and has continued taking it to different contexts such as IEPC Jaime Vera, Madrid Penitentiary Center II. IES José Saramago of Majadahonda or group of teachers inLÓVAdores. further, Miguel makes numerous visits to centers, lectures or courses in different parts of Spain.

Peter Hoyle

Trainer Courses Lova

Peter passed away in March 2020 and leave an indelible memory as a professional, loving and generous person who gave everything for teacher training at LÓVA since 2009. His legacy inspires us. Documentary Author, he trained in Boston as a visual artist (School of the Museum of Fine Arts y Tufts University). He dedicated a very important part of his activity to teaching multiple artistic disciplines to children from schools in the New York area.. For almost twenty years he trained hundreds of primary school teachers in COO, the educational project of the Metropolitan Opera, and in Spain he gave the LÓVA training in our courses at the Teatro Real and Ferrol since 2009 until 2019. Peter, we love you.

Laura Banuelos


Laura coordinates LÓVA projects. She is an art-educator, trained in performing arts at the cem- moving center in Lisbon, He has also a degree in Environmental Biology from the UAM and a Master in Cultural Management. She is the founder of creative movement and he collaborates regularly as an artist in educational projects with art and cultural centers as well as in projects of social and citizen scope.

Pedro Sarmiento


Pedro pushed, imagined and made all this grow. Without their ability to believe that boys and girls deserved the best education, LÓVA would not have had the projection and quality that it has. With the best sense of humor and a deep respect for the work of teachers, he leaves us an immense legacy. Jazz pianist, music teacher and educational projects manager, he studied Contemporary Improvisation with Ran Blake in New England Conservatory. He was an educational advisor of the Royal Theater, director of the Municipal School of Music in Talavera de la Reina, coordinator of the Master in Performing Arts Practices and Visual Culture and professor at schools, conservatories and training courses. Writes about education in the magazine Scherzo